Gastronomy and local produce

As the ambassador of the 2010 ‘Flanders, Tasty Country’ campaign, Poperinge (and Flanders Fields in general) is known for its fine restaurants, tea rooms, bars and sidewalk cafes. Here you can try local dishes with hops or enjoy a glass of traditional hops beer. Anyone who is not yet satisfied after that, can also visit the Hopmuseum where workshops, beer seminars, exhibitions and children’s activities including hops are organized.

Gastronomes that want to get an even better taste of the local produce can also explore the range of possibilities outside of Poperinge. One example is the Abbey of Westvleteren which has been a tourist attraction for years now as it is the only place you can acquire the celebrated ‘Trappist Westvleteren’. Ypres also offers numerous shops that sell cakes, chocolate and other delights and has many homely tea rooms and restaurants on its square.