For individual visitors

For individual visitors, Tubby's Story Tablets are the perfect aid. In the museum, an introductional video can also be seen. You can watch a teaser for this film here. Visitors that prefer a classic museum experience can make use of our visitors brochure. Upon entering the house, you will be offered a cup of tea in the canteen. This small stop is a perfect opportunity to have a chat with other visitors or residents and with the British wardens of the House.

Besides the museum and the House itself, there are often temporary activities and exhibitions. Our calendar keeps you up-to-date on these.

For children & families

We offer a special tablet tour for children and families. Follow private Arthur Pettifer in his search for Duchess, the cat of the club. Along the way you will learn all there is to know about Talbot House during the War. For our youngest visitors there will even be a small gift at the end of the tour.