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Although the War has fortunately come to an end, the history of Talbot House still continues. The spirit and atmosphere Talbot House was famous for in the past, became the starting point of the Toc H-association in the 20’s . Nowadays the Toc H-association is larger than ever: it is active in Great Britain, Australia, South-Africa, Germany... and in Belgium!

Following the slogan of the Every Man’s Club (“All rank abandon ‘ye who enter here”), the association aims for peace and reconcilement, promises to always welcome everyone with friendship and love, to always help people in need and to listen to everyone without prejudices.

Therefore the department of the Toc H-association in Poperinge, with Talbot House as home base, wants to give friendship, compliance and respect a chance. 

Activities with and for the local population are organised on a regular basis. People get to know the Toc H-members and Talbot House itself benefits from the helping hand from Toc H Belgium. 

Toc H Belgium

Toc H Belgium
Gasthuisstraat 43
8970 Poperinge

T +32(0)476242775

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Toc H UK

Toc H UK
PO Box 15824
B13 3JU

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