The search for the "Round Robin"

At the Birthday gathering, held on December 15, 1921 at Grosvenor House (since demolished) in Park Lane, a "Round Robin" measuring over two feet square, was signed by all present, including Prince Henry, who represented the Prince of Wales, at that time travelling overseas.

The central inscription reads:

"Address to be read at the centenary family party of Toc H on the fifteenth day of December, A.D. 2015: Wheras it is as unlikely that we shall be able to join your festivities as that you will join ours to-night, we indite this Round Robin to you. Not knowing you, we have the utmost confidence in you, and thrust that our sentiments are reciprocated on the same terms towards all those whose signatures are attached - with the inevitable exception of those whose names have plagued you in your history books. But like all great causes, Toc H is similar to the "wood" in "Alice" where names of persons are lost. To be serious in a document of this character would be unconvincing in the last degree. We will therefore content ourselves with wishing you all many happy returns of the day and remaining your obedient ancestors in Toc H."

Can you help us retrieve this document? We will hand out 1000 euro to the honest finder. It was last seen at the Toc H archives in London. If you have any further information concerning the Round Robin, please contact us!

Click on the Round Robin to download a high quality version!