Talbot House - Every man's club


Talbot House vzw

Gasthuisstraat 43

8970 Poperinge


Tel BE +32 (0)57 33 32 28


VAT BE 0410 521 222

About us

Simon Louagie - Management

Ronnit Viaene  - Reception & Reservations

Isabelle Uzeel - Accounting

Juan Tetaert - Garden

Alise Klopper - Maintenance

Our students:

Laura Naeye - Weekend Reception

Beatrijs Grimmelprez - Weekend Reception

Flor Lenglaert - Weekend Reception

Ilana Apers - Weekend Maintenance

Tila Gareyn - Weekend Maintenance

Deirdre Decoster - Weekend Maintenance

Administration of the Talbot House Estate is vested in the Talbot House Association with responsibilities for maintaining its independence and ensuring it remains an inspirational centre of peace and reconciliation providing physical, mental and spiritual refreshment for all visitors. It does so in perpetual memory of its role as a club for “Everyman” during the Great War.

The policy to achieve these responsibilities is set by the Anglo-Belgian Administrative Council which draws its members from both nations. It meets twice a year and is chaired by the President of the Talbot House Association. The current President is Mr Ian Hussein.

The Administrative Council is supported by an Executive Committee which is responsible for monitoring the policy laid down by the Council as well as staffing matters and financial affairs. It meets on a regular basis and comprises Belgian members of the Association and advisors.

Day to day operations are vested in the Talbot House Manager and his staff. The current Manager is Mr Simon Louagie .