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Discover the Tales of Talbot House in today's landscape

Walking Tour:  On the go with Tubby 

As the first and only "free" city, Poperinge became the garrison town first for the French and later the British war machine. The town centre was transformed into a huge metropole with over a quarter of a million soldiers. Listen to the stories from the pubs, find out the anecdotes told by the Poperinge children and find out where the condemned men spent their final night. Through QR-codes, Tubby tells you lots of his personal encounters and adventures in this first stop behind hell. 

Cycling tour: Pop-route

This 41 km bicycle tour takes you along the traces of World War I behind the front. 

The bicycle tour goes back to the traces of the First World War behind the front. The first stop after hell where the soldiers stripped themselves of mud and blood, healed their wounds or died anyway. Poperinge, or POP as the British said, was overrun by foreign troops for four years. In POP, close to the civilians, they came to rest for a few days or stood trial for their failures within the war machine. The road map is available at Talbot House and the Poperinge Tourist Office for 3 EUR.

Car route: Pilgrimage with Tubby (soon available)

Follow the footsteps of Tubby and his pilgrims along the graves of the Talbotousians. Numerous silent witnesses along Flemish fields still tell the story of Talbot House and its visitors today. Join us at the dressing station at Transport Farm where Tubby said mass while the bombs were falling, see the huge Pool of Peace crater that is part of our heritage and visit the grave of Gilbert Talbot to whom the House was dedicated. Through numerous anecdotes and unknown gems in the landscape, we finish our pilgrimage.

Free app with walking, cycling and car routes

The free mobile application Poperinge 14-18 presents a number of walking, cycling and car routes along WW1 sites with a story.

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