Tips for Kids

A kids-friendly visit in a living museum.

Children are able to join Private Arthur Pettifer on a disco very tour of Talbot House during an interactive tablet tour. Together with Arthur, they try and find Duchess, the Talbot House cat. ALong the way, they are introduced to many anecdotes and funny stories from the history of Talbot House. All young visitors get a small reward at the end of their tour!

Whilst mum and dad enjoy their cup of tea, there's some nice drawings to colour or games to play, just like the soldiers a century ago. Our lovely artisan ice creams are very refreshing in the summer months as well. And why do you not stay over for lunch and enjoy one of our delicious picnics

On set dates, you can join Private Arthur Pettifer in person on a story tour through the House. He'll take you to his favorite spots and tell you his coolest stories. Pettifer's Chronicle is a story tour which can also be booked in advance. 

The story of Arthur and his cat continues in a children's colouring book with 15 drawings. For teenagers, we've got a fun cartoon book with lots of adventures from Tubby and his friends. Both are available in our museum shop

Would you like to have a peak already? Why not try our online cat quiz in a 360° tour