Talbotousian Schools

Experience the last surviving soldier's club of the Great War in Flanders Fields

Why visit?

As the last remaining authentic soldier’s club of the Great War, Talbot House has a lot to offer. Here are some key reasons for a visit:

  • Experience Talbot House, as real as then. Relax, feel at home and live an authentic experience like no other, just like a century ago;
  • Join our enthusiastic story tellers on a journey back to the Great War;
  • Contrast life at the front or the nearby execution courtyard with mental health issues and the approach of Rev. Tubby Clayton in his home from home;
  • Hold a service or reflection in the Upper Room where Tommy came to find courage to face the unknown tomorrow;
  • Join us in writing another page in the history of our British Every Man’s Club.

Educational offer

There's lots on offer at the House. However, don't forget that the main focus should be about experiencing the House. Enjoy a cup of tea, tickle the ivories on the old piano, reflex in the Upper Room & allow them to enjoy the garden. It will make a big impression. 

    Story tours

Bring the stories to life by joining one of our enthusiastic storytellers on a tour of the House. Youngsters can join Pte. Arthur Pettifer to find out some of his adventures. Or perhaps you are keen to find out more about life behind the lines during a photo presentation. For every age group and group size we offer a tailored experience. Please have a look online to find out the various tours on offer. All tours are subject to availability and need to be pre-booked.

    Explore outdoors

Perhaps you would like to explore life behind the frontline in the Poperinge area? Our guides can join you on foot or by coach to nearby sites such as the Poperinge Execution Courtyard or the former Casualty Clearing Stations at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Furthermore, a tour can be done focussing on medical treatment and the evacuation of the wounded from the front line to the field hospitals here in Poperinge. Perhaps the most popular tour with youngsters is traveling in the footsteps of Lt. Geoff Boothby and his famous love letters to his girl. The teenagers loveletters are plushined online under the title Cheerio Darling. Find all the details here

     Medical Workshop

Sessions will be led by an expert guide who will take your students through the medical evacuation system with the various forms of treatment and transport available at each aid post. Through a lots of original and replica artefacts, students get a real idea of what conditions were like. Well selected videos and photos bring the topic to life. This workshop is linked to the GCSE-topics.  This workshop is always combined with a visit to Talbot House.  The workshop takes a full hour and is available for € 40. 

Our workshop room is available for groups to use for other activities or picnics as well. 

   Tips & tricks for all ages

We'd love to share with you some fun activities which allow youngsters to experience Talbot House at its best. A piano, chess or sketching competition, a reflexion in the Chapel, a debate, writing a letter home or re-enacting old photos are exactly the sort of activities which were available to Tommy. 


Coach parking is available at the Hondstraat (payable) or at the Oudstrijdersplein (free). Both are about 400 meter walk from us.

Groups are welcome to use the Chapel for a service, music or prayer. Please let us know in advance. Note we are limited to 50 people. 

Please do take a look at our house rules for groups? 

  • Due to the old fabric of the House, we have to limit the number of people per group in the House. Guided groups inside Talbot House should be limited to 25 people. We ask that teachers accompany their pupils at all times throughout the site. 
  • Please also note that backpacks are not permitted inside the Old House. 

Are you staying for lunch?

Are you bringing in your own packed lunch? We're happy to make you a cup of tea or coffee! Other drinks are available as well. If the weather is fine, you can enjoy this in the garden with plenty of benches around. If the weather is bad, we have an indoor room available. 

Are you keen to get to know Flanders Fields from a different perspective? Join us for a delicious Westhoek Picknick lunch, available for € 20. Talbot House can also provide Jimmy's tasty buns and fresh soup for just €12.

Educational room at your disposal

Talbot House has an educational room at your disposal. It has chairs, tables, a projector and screen. It can seat 50 people. It can be used for a workshop or just as a picnic room. The use of the room is free of charge for up to two hours for visiting guests. Please make sure you book it in advance.  

Tailoring your itinerary

How does it all fit together? Here is a suggested itinerary. Please do get in touch as we love to tailor your visit too.

  • A visit with 40 pupils, 5 teachers, UK Year 9 with roughly 60 minutes on site
    • Join Pte Arthur Pettifer for some of his adventures through the House. Together, we enter through the old front door, explore the ground floor and climb to the Chapel. Find out what life was like at Talbot House from primary sources.  (duration: 30 min.)
    • Get a quick taste of the Concert Hall with the Happy Hoppers Show or the exhibitions in your own time. 
    • Enjoy a cup of tea with the resident wardens whilst playing chess, making music on the old piano or relaxing in the garden. Let Talbot House come alive. 
  • A visit with 40 pupils, 5 teachers, UK Year 11 with roughly 90 minutes on site
    • Join one of our story tellers on our 'A House of People' tour. After a photo presentation on life behind the lines in the camps, hospitals and town centre, we watch the Happy Hoppers Concert Party. Later, the guide takes you into the garden to tell more about Talbot House. 
    • The pupils visit the House and the exhibitions at their own steam with the teachers.
    • Enjoy a cup of tea with the resident wardens whilst playing chess, making music on the old piano or relaxing in the garden. Let Talbot House come alive. 

Talbot House Play - A Home from Home

During the Great War, Talbot House in Poperinge, Belgium, a few short miles behind the front line, became a haven for thousands of allied troops – a ‘home from home’ where they enjoyed some home comforts and remembered the men that they really were. Run by a diminutive chaplain named Tubby Clayton the house became known by its army signaller’s code of Toc H and ultimately would be the inspiration for the association with that name. This play, written by Peter Gill and aimed at a family & school audience, recreates the humour, music and wonderful atmosphere of this inspirational House. This play can be booked by your local school or organisation in the UK. Please contact Mr. Peter Gill for details.