Permanent Exhibition: A House of People

After decades of extensive research, we invite you into the Talbot House Archives. This new (2020) exhibition showcases some 500 artefacts. Using state-of-the-art technology on large tablet screens, visitors are able to dig deeper into a subject or object of their interest. The open exhibition space is set in the authentic old hop store, a beautiful listed building.

The exhibition aims to tell many new Tales of Talbot House, both from the days of the Great War as well as beyond. With objects and stories linked to the founding of the Toc H charity in the, Tubby’s Pilgrimages to the battlefields, the evacuation, occupation and liberation during WW2, etc. The final chapter is by Harry Patch, both the last veteran of the Great War and the final Talbotousians. 

Temporary Exhibition: Cheerio Darling

From 11 December 2020 till end of 2022

When the Great War starts, 21-year-old dentist student Geoffrey leaves university and joins the army. Through a good friend, he gets acquainted with Edith Ainscow. After just four short dates, it's obvious something is in the air.  The war calls him to Flanders and the only option to remain in touch is mail. Through beautifully formulated love letters, hilarious stories and passionate declarations of love, we hear about a warm and authentic story in a  world gone mad. The music mentioned by the couple, delivered by Patricia Hamond, is also incorporated. A photo presentation takes you on a journey through the landscape which still bares the traces of war, but also of Geoff...

Temporary Exhibition:

Queen's Westminster Rifles at TocH

Illustrated stories by Tim Godden      Opening November 2022 

The Queen's Westminister Rifles were instrumental in creating the first Chapel of Talbot House in the run-up to Christmas 1915. Over a century on, artist and historian Tim Godden brings their story to life in a collection of ten paintings. The story of the QWR men will be told in their Chapel, located today in the Upper Room of Talbot House. The exhibition is set to open in November 2022 and will run through Christmas unto spring 2022.