Permanent exhibition

Get to know what lay behind the Ypres Salient. Restcamps, field hospitals, storage facilities and laundries were abundant in the area. Soldiers on leave, civilians that held their ground, nurses and Chinese workmen tell their stories.

Concert Party

In the Concert Hall on the first floor of the hop barn you are given an introduction to the history of Talbot House by our digital guide. You can also enjoy a real Concert Party here, just like during the War. With the "Happy Hoppers" as musical company you'll be able to stand in the footsteps of the thousands of soldiers that came here before you.

The House

Having a look around in Talbot House itself is the central experience of your visit. Today, the House is decorated as authentic as possible. It almost feels as if Tubby could walk through the door at any time.

Tubby's post-War room

As a closing chapter to your visit, you can now have a look in Tubby's post-War room. This room has been reconstructed using the authentic furniture and decoration and is the ideal place to watch our documentary about Tubby's life.