Permanent Exhibition: A House of People

After decades of extensive research, we invite you into the Talbot House Archives. This new (2020) exhibition showcases some 500 artefacts. Using state-of-the-art technology on large tablet screens, visitors are able to dig deeper into a subject or object of their interest. The open exhibition space is set in the authentic old hop store, a beautiful listed building.

The exhibition aims to tell many new Tales of Talbot House, both from the days of the Great War as well as beyond. With objects and stories linked to the founding of the Toc H charity in the, Tubby’s Pilgrimages to the battlefields, the evacuation, occupation and liberation during WW2, etc. The final chapter is by Harry Patch, both the last veteran of the Great War and the final Talbotousians. 

Temporary Exhibition: 

Talbotousians in war and peace 

30 April 2023 - 11 December 2024             
Part of "Landscapes, Feel Flanders Fields"

In the Slessorium exhibition you discover how Padre Tubby Clayton remained involved with his Talbotousians long after the Great War finished. With a distinctive name (Talbotousians), he refers to former visitors of the Every Man's Club who have either made it home and try to rebuild their lives or are still resting in Flanders Fields today. For his Talbotousians who got back home, Tubby created over 1.000 Toc H-clubs for them to meet. The 'Elder Brethren' who fell in battle, Tubby brings over their families and friends on a pilgrimage. Ten of their final resting places are visualised in a virtual pilgrimage with contemporary photos. 

In Tubby's 'Dining Room' you discover the colourful life story of our founder Tubby Clayton. Using extraordinary witness accounts of some of his closest friends, this renewed documentary takes you on journey through the new Toc H-clubs, his life on Tower Hill and even the Royal Palace. Especially the wonderful footage of the pilgrimages to the former battlefields and the graves of his friends stands out.

Through a new online database, you are invited to check if your relatives are mentioned in Tubby's archives of the time. Perhaps they too walked through the doors of Talbot House. The list is a continued work in progress. 

In the summer of 2023 a new cycle and car route will take you on a modern day pilgrimage in Flanders Fields. 

This project is part of "Landscapes, Feel Flanders Fields", a project by Westtoer & Visit Flanders.