Cheerio Darling!

An affair in letters

Temporary exhibition Talbot House (from 11/12/2021), musical, book presentation, live streams and Valentine's event

Discover the story in this Belgian Travel Show

Cheerio Darling

Temporary exhibition from 11 December 2021

When the Great War breaks out, 21-year-old dental student Geoffrey decides to enlist in the British army. Through a good friend he meets the 17-year-old Edith Ainscow. After only four dates, it is evident that love is in the air. Unfortunately, the war sends Geoffrey to the Westhoek and they can only keep in touch by post. The beautiful letters, full of exciting stories and emotional declarations of love, tell a warm and authentic love story in world gone mad. And then his leave is due, Geoff can finally go back home, to his Edith... In this exhibition you come face to face with the couple, set in their time. Will you dig into their correspondence? Or perhaps rediscover the musical tips they exchange? The filmed letters and modern day photos will take you on a journey to their world.

Cheerio YouTube

Follow in the footsteps of Geoff & Edith

Follow the story online in real time on the Talbot House Facebook page. Each time on the historical date on which a letter was written, we will place a filmed version online. So between 27 July 2021 and 4 May 2022 you can read and watch the letters from 27 July 1915 to 4 May 1916. Besides the letters, you will also get to see lots of photos, music and other information. You can discover the videos through this link.

30 odd feet below Belgium

Buy the book

When war tore young friends Geoffrey & Edith apart, they put their affections into passionate love letters. The wonderful style in which the couple write to each other is set on the hard backdrop of war. Although the battles must take a backrow in the youngsters focus on making each other laugh and encourage them brighter days are ahead.
The collected letters, put to book by Edith Ainscow's son, bring the story back to life in a particularly poignant way. The book contains all of the letters written by the couple from the very beginning in 1915 to May 1916. Professor Stockwin has added a series of personal and historic details to make the story more clear. Publisher Paul Bagshaw has succeeded in delivering a masterpiece with some great additional photos, often taken by the couple. This book is only available through Talbot House and only a limited amount of copies remain. A unique treasure you ought to add to your book collection...    Order the book from for just €25 or £20 plus postage. 

A lonely soldier somewhere in France

Livestream concert - 27th of July 2021 at 8pm

On 27 July, Geoff arrives in France and writes his first note home from across the water. Talbot House manager Simon Louagie outlines the story and shares many anecdotes. Together we watch the filming of Geoff's first letter from France and listen to the music the couple exchanged at the time. As icing on the cake, famous reporter Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis interviews the author who published the letters, Professor Arthur Stockwin. Arthur is the son of Edith, the 18-year-old girl in our story.

Rewatch the livestream through this link. 

'Somewhere a voice is calling': Edith & Geoffrey's story during the Great War

Concert on 26 & 27 March

Students from St. Joseph's College Ipswich bring the story of Geoff & Edith to life with a performance of theatre and music in the historic Concert Hall of Talbot House. Geoff also came regularly to watch film and theatre performances, possibly also in this concert hall. 

An Affair of Lettters 

Romantic Valentine's dinner and concert on 11 & 12 February.

Whilst you enjoy a lovely dinner with your partner, the love story of Geoff & Edith is brought to life by our storytellers and musicians Patricia Hammond and Matt Redman.

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