A COVID-safe visit to Talbot House

A few 'corona-proof ' ideas

Your visit to Talbot House can, minus a few small adaptations, proceed as normal. Maintaining social distance, disinfect your hands and try to touch as few items as possible make up the key message. Below we give you a full overview of safety measures as well as offer you some fun ideas to make your visit more agreeable during these special times.

  • Enjoy all that is good from the Flanders Fields area with this delicious picnic. Find yourself a good spot in our green oasis or get comfortable on one of the many benches. The local produce includes lovely French bread, 3 types of meats, 2 local cheeses and delicious butter, custard and freshly made fruit yoghurt from the farm, vegetables, etc. And of course, you can not go without trying some local fruit juice, wine or beer. Please make sure you order preferably 2 days in advance or contact us by phone if last minute. 
  • The Tales of Talbot House can also be used as a thread for a visit to the area. Take a look at some of the tours we've put together for you. In 'A Heaven in Hell', we follow the trail of the artefacts from the Chapel to the Ypres Salient where we visit several headstones of former Talbotousians and hear many anecdotes and stories of how these objects found their way to our Upper Room. Or why not join Tubby on a pilgrimage to the desolate battlefields in 1920 as the veterans recount their exploits? Please book a few days ahead on info@talbothouse.be .

Safety Tips

Below we have listed a series of measures to make your visit as agreeable and as safe as possible. Some extra information concerning our Guesthouse can be consulted here. 

Please let us know you're coming
  • May we please ask you notify us of your pending visit by phone (0032 57 333 228) or by booking online? This way, we can welcome up to 50 guests in a safe way on site. 
Visiting Circuit 
  • Upon arrival, may we ask only to enter our reception with one family at a time. If a family is queueing ahead of you, please do leave enough space. Our reception is protected by glass panels. 
  • After our safety briefing and introduction, you will be able to pick up a disinfected pen and circulation plan. The pen can be used to operate the touch screen tablets in our exhibition. Please follow the instructions and route on the circulation plane closely as to protect yourself and other visitors. May we also ask you to pay electronically as much as possible? 
  • Both at the front desk and at Talbot House you will receive instructions on safety during your visit. 
  • The use of the lift is limited to people in real need. Please consult a member of our staff first. 
Hygienic Measures
  • On six locations, we offer facilities to wash your hands. Please make use of these facilities. 
  • The wearing of a face mask is compulsory in all building.
  • Daily, the 'high touch' areas are disinfected.
  • If you are offered a cup of tea or coffee, please rest assured that full measures are being taken to put safety first. 
The Use of Tablets
  • To operate the touch screen tablets in our exhibition, we provide disinfected pens. 
  • The Story Tablets in Talbot House are disinfected before they are handed out.

If you do have any questions, please consult us on info@talbothouse.be or address a member of staff.