What's on offer?

There are various ways to go about your visit to Talbot House. Groups are welcome to enjoy the a visit to Talbot House at their own pace. But if you want to get more out of your visit, you should consider joining one of our engaging storytellers. Teachers also should have a look at our Talbotousian Schools scheme and our educational tools.

Educational Resources

Worksheets and extra tools are available to help you prepare your visit. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to ask extra information.

Join one of our storytellers at Talbot House and get more out of your  visit

Bring the stories to life by joining one of our enthusiastic storytellers on a tour of the grounds. Please get in touch if you'd like us to help select your perfect tour. All tours are subject to availability and need to be pre-booked.

  • A House of People & their Stories: standard tour for schools and adult groups of 20 people or more
    • Introduction on the history of Talbot House, from the founding till the present day, delivered by one of our Talbot House Storytellers. During your tour of the grounds, you'll hear lots of anecdotes from the past on the life behind the lines in the camps, hospitals and the vibrant city of Pops as well as many Talbot House stories from the Great War and more recent times.
    • Duration of your tour: 1 hour, including a visit to Talbot House, the garden and the Happy Hoppers Concert Party. Ideally followed by 30 minutes of free time to also enjoy a cup of tea.
    • Practical: 50 people max. Cost: €40

  • Tales of Talbot House: story tour for adults or school literature tours of max. 20 people
    • Story tour of Talbot House by one of our in-house storytellers. As we make our way through the House, we quote from the memoirs of our founding fathers. Who better to tell you what it was like than the people who were there in their own colourful language?
    • Duration of your tour: 1 hour, can be flexible. Ideally add on another 30 minutes of free time to explore and have tea.
    • Practical: 20 people max. Cost: €40

  • Pettifer’s Chronicle: short story tour for school groups 
    • Join Pte. Arthur Pettifer MM on a mission in Talbot House. Arthur, a legendary scrounger, was employed at the House during the Great War and gives you a first hand snappy account of his adventures.
    • Duration of your tour: 30 min. Ideally we recommend you add on another 30 to 60 min. to explore the site or have a cup of tea.
    • Practical: 50 people max. Cost: € 40

The following themed tours are or will soon be available on request:

  • ANZAC Tour: Australian and NZ focussed tour at Talbot House
  • Canada Tour: Canadian focussed tour (available soon)
  • Children's tour: a tour on and for children, telling the WW1 stories of young refugee children in Poperinge as well as in the UK and their link to Talbot House. (available soon)
  • Second World War tour: stories on the 1940 evacuation, the German occupation and allied liberation during the WW2. (available soon)

Great War Medical Workshop

  • Sessions will be led by an expert guide who will take your students through the medical evacuation system with the various forms of treatment and transport available at each aid post. Through a vast amount of original and replica artefacts in our recreated aid station, students get a real idea of what conditions were like. Well selected videos and photos bring the topic to life. This workshop is always combined with a visit to Talbot House.
  • Duration: 30 minutes Depending client's time, can be added on.
  • Practical: max. 50 participants. Cost: € 40