Volunteers and wardens

Have you also lost your heart to Talbot House? Would you like to roll up your sleeves and can't wait to contribute to our community?

Then you are more than welcome at Talbot House.

We are always looking for motivated employees to strengthen our team of enthusiastic volunteers with dedication, time and talent.

The Talbot House team is traditionally assisted by volunteers from all over the world, a diligent collective of enthusiasts that we would like to expand with your help.

Baron Barclay room

Your personal room

A room used by our caretakers on duty and named after Barclay Baron, a loyal servant of Toc H who made a major contribution to the organization through writing and drawing.

Who can we use?

Culinary staff who want to man the kitchen, handy Harry's and Harriets with a penchant for restoration, wardens who are responsible for welcoming our guests or students who are looking for an exciting internship.

In short, anyone who can contribute in one way or another is very welcome.

Are you interested? Let us know!

Email the Talbot House manager, Simon Louagie, at simon@talbothouse.be and help build the future of the House.