• Location Talbot House
  • Available for (Dutch) Schools
  • Availability On request
  • Reservation info@talbothouse.be
  • Price Depends on workshops

A British Day

Join us for an educational adventure at the Every Man’s Club in Poperinge, offer your pupils the ultimate British Experience and explore Britishness at its finest in the heart of Flanders Fields.

Talbot House offers ready-made educational packages aimed at second and third grade pupils of secondary education. Our goal is to introduce the students to the beauty of the British culture and further develop their knowledge of the English language. Participants are encouraged to speak English at all times, irrespective of their skill level. Our British guides, actors and available English teachers aim to educate, entertain and involve both pupils and teachers, which means no extra preparation is required.

Select your preferred workshops, make your reservation and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in a museum that’s alive with the past.

Discover our workshops

  1. Radio Shakespeare - drama workshop
  2. British food workshop - drama workshop
  3. Against the clock - drama workshop
  4. Tales of Talbot House - story tour
  5. A chinwag with the wardens
  6. Laugh and the world will laugh with you - British Comedy
  7. Cheerio Darling - A century old love letters
  8. A House of Words - questionnaire with a linguistic focus
  9. A House of People - questionnaire with a focus on history
  10. Talbot House Mystery Tour - A historical treasure hunt
  11. Afternoon Tea Etiquette
  12. Scone making

Radio Shakespeare

Level: advanced

Explore Shakespeare with this lively workshop! Led by a British theatre pro, students dive into expressive voice techniques while exploring the power of body language, crafting scenes filled with witty Shakespearean insults, creating captivating soundscapes and collaborating on their own radio play.