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Outside the home

Explore the outdoors with our experienced storytellers or venture out on your own and discover the Talbot House stories of the past in today's landscape. Explore the hop city and the Westhoek in a unique way and discover what happened behind the front.

Poperinge, stad achter het front

Go with one of our regular storytellers through the city that became the nerve center of the British war machine during the First World War and discover everything about life and survival in Poperinge during the Great War.

You will visit a military cemetery, the famous 'death cells', Talbot House and numerous hidden gems. Discover the stories behind Ginger, Tubby Clayton, the dangerous wind, shot at dawn, school colonies and much more.

  • Type: guided walk
  • Duration: 2 hours (can be adjusted if desired)
  • Cost: €80

Life behind the front

Explore the center of Poperinge, or Petit Paris as it was called at the time, with an enthusiastic guide. Discover the sites of the former camps, the medical facilities and the monument to the Chinese workers and visit the Death Row, a silent reminder of the condemned soldiers.

  • Type: guided tour
  • Duration: 2 hours (can be adjusted if desired)
  • Cost: €80

Talbot House Pilgrimage

Follow in the footsteps of Tubby and his pilgrims. Take a guided visit to the dressing station at Transport Farm where Tubby said mass while the bombs were falling, see the huge Pool of Peace crater that is part of our heritage and visit the grave of Gilbert Talbot to whom the House was dedicated.

  • Type: guided tour
  • Duration: 4 hours (can be adjusted if desired
  • Cost: €140

Medical evacuation and surgical treatments

A guided visit to a series of medical aid stations and field hospitals near Poperinge gives you a unique insight into medical events during the Great War. Discover Transport Farm, the White Mill, Lijssenthoek and the Death Cells through the stories of our founder, Padre Tubby Clayton, and the Talbotousians.

  • Type: guided tour
  • Duration: 4 hours (can be adjusted if desired)
  • Cost: €140

Walks and bikerides

Go out on foot or by bike and explore the history of the First World War in the center and the region around Poperinge.

City walk: Out and about with Tubby in Poperinge

As the first 'free' city, Poperinge was the center of the French and then the British war machine. Poperinge instantly became a metropolis with more than a quarter of a million inhabitants from all parts of the world. Discover the stories from the pubs, listen to the anecdotes of the Poperinge children and visit the place where convicted soldiers spent their last night. Using QR codes, Tubby tells you many additional stories about his adventures in this first stop after hell.

You can download or pick up this city walk for free at Talbot House or at the Tourist Office.

Cycling tour: POP route

A fascinating cycling tour of 41 km around Poperinge, or POP as the British called it. Along the tracks of the First World War, behind the front, you will discover the first stop after hell, the city where soldiers rid themselves of mud and blood, healed their wounds or died from them. Relive the story of Poperinge, which was overrun by foreign troops for four years.

The route map costs 3 euros and is available at Talbot House and the Poperinge Tourist Office.

Autoroute / Cycling route: Meet me where the poppies blow

Follow in the footsteps of Tubby and his pilgrims. As part of the theme year Landscapes | Feel Flanders Fields from Westtoer we developed a car route / cycle route in which some of our Talbotousians are highlighted. This extensive route of approximately 69 km takes you from Poperinge via Lijssenthoek Cemetery, also past the Pool of Peace, Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, ... With the help of a handy app you can follow the route and listen to the information about the locations and Talbotousians.

This route was developed with the help of the ErfgoedApp and can also be followed and listened to. Download this app on your Smartphone and look for our route called 'Talbot House - Meet me where the poppies blow'. Download here

For those who want to follow the route via Komoot or RouteYou, it is also available on these platforms. To listen to the information about the locations and the Talbotousians you still need the ErfgoedApp.

Free app with numerous walking, cycling and car routes

Download the free mobile application Poperinge 14-18 and discover more walking, cycling and car routes in the region.

  • Cycling tours: Heelkracht, China in Poperinge
  • Walk through Poperinge
  • Autoroutes: Death by bullet, Scarred by the war, Great movement, Terminus


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