• Location Concert Hall
  • Available for schools, groups, individuals
  • Max 25p
  • Availability on request
  • Reservation info@talbothouse.be
  • Price € 40

Het leven achter het front

A presentation that takes you through the streets and hop fields of Poperinge into the past.

Discover how a city of 10,000 inhabitants was transformed into the hub of the Allied war machine and attracted a quarter of a million inhabitants in just a few years. Gain insight into life at that time through historical photos of camps, field hospitals and life in the city.


  • The story tours last 1 hour as standard. The length of the tour can be adjusted. In addition, allow at least 30 minutes to visit the garden, the exhibitions and the Concert Party.
  • Maximum 25 people per tour.
  • Tours are subject to availability and must be booked in advance.
  • Price: €40/trip.