• Location Talbot House
  • Available for Schools, groups, individuals
  • Max 50p
  • Availability On request
  • Reservation info@talbothouse.be
  • Price € 40

Tales of Talbot House

Follow in the footsteps of the soldiers, go on an adventure through Talbot House and discover the amazing story of the House during the Great War with this standard story tour.

Let yourself be carried away by the fascinating stories of our storytellers, immerse yourself in history and enjoy the funny anecdotes and exciting stories of the regular visitors from the past, the Talbotousians.

During the tour through the House, the story is told from the 'Tales of Talbot House', the stories that founder Tubby wrote at the end of the war. Count on a fascinating story and a captivating journey in a House that breathes history.


The story tour 'Tales of Talbot House' is adapted to the age of the participants. We are happy to help you choose the ideal tour for your group.

  • Small groups of up to 25 people are taken through the House.
  • Larger groups (25 to 50 people) will hear the story partly in larger spaces such as the Concert Hall, the garden or the chapel.
  • The story tour takes 1 hour as standard. The length of the tour can be adjusted on request. In addition, allow 30 minutes to visit the garden, the exhibitions and a cup of tea to end the visit.
  • Tours are subject to availability and must be booked in advance.
  • Price: €40

Educational tips for schools

  • This story tour in English? Which can! Talbot House provides a 'native speaker' on request.
  • Inform the storyteller about your daily program, so he or she can make the link with other elements in the story.