Discover the Talbot House stories outdoors

Explore the history of Talbot House on the local town of Poperinge but also on the local cemeteries and battlefields. 
These tours follow the footsteps of Talbotousians and provide a different insight into Talbot House. 

 Poperinge, city behind the lines: guided city walk

Join our expert local guide on a tour through the streets of Poperinge during the Great War. As the first and only "free" city, Pop became the garrison town first for the French and later the British war machine. The town centre was transformed into a huge metropole with over a quarter of a million soldiers. Listen to the stories from the pubs, find out the anecdotes told by the Poperinge children and see where the condemned men spent their final night. 

The walk usually takes two hours but can be added on or shortened on request. Rate: 80 EUR

Life behind the Lines: coach tour 

Poperinge still bears the scars of the Great War. A century ago, countless camps, medical facilities, headquarters, airfields, railway lines took over the hop fields in the countryside. Today, sites such as the new Chinese Labour Corps Memorial, the cemeteries at the former casualty clearing stations and the Death Cells are silent reminders of the past.

The tour usually takes two hours but can be tailored on request. Rate: 80 EUR

A Talbot House Pilgrimage: coach tour

Join us on a pilgrimage of the Ypres Salient as we visit graves of former Talbotousians and various sites associated with Rev. Tubby Clayton. Together, we visit Transport Farm where Tubby often held mass or the grave of Lt. Gilbert Talbot whom the House is named after. The Pool of Peace, still in the care of Talbot House, is a silent reminder of the largest man made explosion of the war. Using countless anecdotes and little stories, we bring the old battlefields alive. This tour can be tailored to you interest and time.

The tour usually takes four hours but can be added on or shortened on request. Rate: 160 EUR

Medical evacuation and surgical treatment: coach tour

Starting at the frontline, we explore the various medical facilities along the evacuation route (RAP - ADS - WWCP - MDS) all the way to the field hospitals in the Poperinge area. By using the stories of Talbotousians (doctors, nurses and patients) and our founding father Tubby, we get a unique insight into the medical treatment of the time as well as the care for the patients both physically as well as mentally. Sites include Transport Farm, The White Mill, Lijssenthoek, Death Cells, etc. A tour, including a visit to Talbot House, ideally last a full day but can be tailored to the students’ knowledge or the GCSE requirements.

The tour usually takes four hours but can be added on or shortened on request. Rate: 160 EUR