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Exhibition Launch by Tim Godden: Artistic Possibilities

The Queen's Westminster Rifles and the  Upper Room 

Friday 4 november 2022, 20:00

An illustrated exhibition by Dr. Tim Godden at Talbot House. 

In amongst the vast and complex history of the Great War sits the story of Talbot House. The Old House itself is filled with stories, some of which are will-known and others that are not. Each and every person who has passed through the doors and hallways has their own story; a single thread in the great tapestry. This exhibition is about one of those threads, about one of the many micro-histories contained within the walls of this special place.

In the winter of 1915 the men of a London territorial unit were, by chance, billeted in the building next-door to the blossoming young house. They immediately took the place to heart and set about making it a home from home. In those months a bond was created between the men of the Queen’s Westminster Rifles and Talbot house that was, in Tubby’s words, ‘never wholly lost.’

This exhibition will tell the story of that bond; how it was formed, of the individuals who first spotted the ‘artistic possibilities’ of the space, who helped to create so much of the special place we still enjoy today, and of how that bond remained intact throughout and beyond the dark days of war. In these paintings are just some of the stories of the Queen’s Westminster Rifles, but in them the stories of countless others whose connection with the old house grew in its own similar but unique way will be told, too.

I hope that in telling the stories of the men of the Queen’s Westminster Rifles the special relationship that meant so much to the old boys and all those associated with Talbot House will remain ‘never wholly broken’ for a long time yet.

The evening will be followed by a drinks reception at Talbot House. 

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