Talbot House Events

Although most events are open to the public, some are only open to members.The Talbotousians, the membership organisation which supports Talbot House, puts on several events every year to raise funds for the upkeep of the House.  Talbot House and its exhibitions remain open during these events, you entrance fee is included in your event ticket. 


All events are set in the parameters of our national security council. All precautions are taken to allow them to take place safely. We ask you to follow the advice from our stay.

January 2021

February 2021

Red Spot Avenue

20 february

Enjoy a free live stream concert, brought by the local band Red Spot Avenue in the historic Concert Hall of Talbot House.

March 2021

April 2021


25 April 2021

Memorial Service in the Upper Room of Talbot House.

More info: info@talbothouse.be

May 2021

June 2021

Garden Party (Talbotousians only)

12 June 2021

As is tradition, we organize a homely garden party in the Talbot House garden. We've also invited the local musicians Westhoek to give our party a nice musical touch. Come and enjoy the delicious ice creams of l'Heritage as well as the many cakes and pastries provided by the House.

Opening of the new temporary exhibition Re(f)used on glass art, by Nico Sabbe.

Welcome Home @ Talbot House!

14 june 2021

A year without any Brits in a British club, it hasn't been easy! We want to celebrate the return of our British colleagues and friends with a garden party and barbecue, where everyone can catch up with each other. Music will be provided by Moona Lissa. More information: info@talbothouse.be

July 2021

Talbotousian Brunch

10 july 2021

Come and enjoy our annual brunch! As usual, we will provide a generous buffet, which of course includes a delicious plate of bacon and eggs. Meanwhile, you get pampered with lovely live piano music, the ideal start to a lazy Sunday.

Everyone is welcome, reservation is required (info@talbothouse.be)

August 2021

September 2021

October 2021

November 2021

Christmas with Tubby

16 November 2021  - 9 January 2021

Experience a British Christmas at Talbot House. Our Storytellers will breng you plenty of stories in an atmospheric setting. Come and enjoy the lights in the garden and our decorations in the historic House. Our British wardens will serve you delicious cakes and of course, a nice cup of tea. A real Christmas dinner is also possible.


11 November 2021

As is custom every year, a memorial service will be held in the chapel of Talbot House to commemorate the end of the First World War.

More information: info@talbothouse.be

Toc H Tea dispensation

11 November 2021

With great enthusiasm, the members of TocH Belgium will again be on duty at the Ypres market. As tradition demands, they will hand out cups of tea to the pilgrims attending the ceremony under the Menin Gate. You can find us under the Nieuwerck of the Cloth Hall. 

December 2021

106th Birthday of Talbot House

11 December 2021

We love to celebrate the anniversary of Talbot House with our dear members, the Talbotousians. After some speeches and a reception, we have three special events in store this year.

More information: info@talbothouse.be

Opening new temporary Exhibition: Cheerio Darling

11 December 2021

When the Great War breaks out, 21-year-old dentistry student Geoffrey, decides to enlist in the British army. Through a good friend he meets 16-year-old Edith Ainscow. After only four dates, it is clear that something is blossoming. Unfortunately, the war sends Geoffrey to Flanders and they can only keep in touch by post. The beautiful cards, full of hilarious stories and emotional declarations of love, tell a warm and authentic love story in a crazy world. The music that the couple discusses, performed today by Patricia Hamond, also brings some atmosphere. A photo-reportage takes you more through the landscape that still bears traces of the war, but also of Geoff.

Christmas concert by St. Joseph's College

11 December 2021: evening performance
12 December 2021: morning performance

The students of St Joseph's College from Ipswich bring the romantic story of Geoff & Edith to live during a touching musical.