Practical information

“A House of People” is included in a standard visit to Talbot House.

  • Location Talbot Museum
  • Tickets Available in Talbot Museum
  • Available for schools, groups, individuals
  • Opening hours 10h00 - 17h30
  • Price children 00,00 EUR
  • Price adults 00,00 EUR
  • Period Permanent

'A House of People' is a permanent exhibition that takes you on a fascinating journey through the history of Talbot House during the First and Second World War.

Explore the past using modern technology and discover moving stories, surprising anecdotes and more than 500 authentic objects displayed in 30 display cases.

In addition to the history of the House's founding and the story of founder Philip 'Tubby' Clayton, you will learn everything about the founding of Toc H, the purchase of the Pool of Peace, Tubby's pilgrimages during the interwar period, and the German occupation of the House during the Second World War. We end with the story of the last veteran and true Talbotousian, Harry Patch.

Explore themes such as medical care and pastime in soldier camps, or be transported into the past through stories about the vibrant social life in 'Little Paris' during wartime.

The exhibition 'A House of People', which opened in 2020 after years of intensive research, can be viewed continuously in an authentically restored hop warehouse, located on the Talbot House site.