Hungry for history?

  • Location The Old House
  • Available for Groups (10 to 38p)
  • Availability Reservation required
  • Reservation
  • Price On demand
  • *Price exclusive museum visit

Culinary Chronicles

Hungry for history?

Put on your best clothes, whet your appetite, sharpen your curiosity and join Tubby at the table. Enjoy a memorable evening full of entertaining stories, historical entertainment and culinary highlights.

Be transported to the past in a tasty way with the 'Tales of Talbot House', fascinating stories that we serve you during a five-course dinner in the historic Dining Room of the 250-year-old mansion.

Be welcomed by the host and hostess and join them in exploring the rich history of Talbot House while enjoying delicious British cuisine.

Talbot House biedt, afhankelijk van het seizoen, drie soorten Culinary Chronicles aan:

Dinner at Tubby's 

We take you through the history of Talbot House, during and after the Great War. We go out through the House, we discover the different exhibitions and we build the story based on unique pieces.

Christmas at Tubby's

Enjoy British classics such as Christmas Cake, Christmas Turkey, Yorkshire Pudding and Single Malt Whiskey in a beautiful British Christmas decor. An enthusiastic storyteller takes you through many special locations in our living museum and serves you the story of the Talbotousians during the famous Christmas truces, the stories of the Christmas parties for Poperinge children during both world wars and the humorous stories of the Queen's Westminster Rifles.

Cheerio Darling

The story of Geoff & Edith, two people who have only met in person four times, but where the spark still flew. Brace yourself for an adventurous rollercoaster of romance and courage, told through excerpts from their love letters and masterfully set to music by Patricia and Matt. In the meantime, enjoy a customized menu with a Catch of the Day, a French Kiss and many other tongue twisters.


  • A thematic experience evening with a typical British five-course menu including matched wines.
  • Capacity: 10 to 38 people. 
  • Target price: €90/pp. Talbot House develops a proposal tailored to the group. Prices depend on the chosen story, the menu and the number of people.

Performances of the Culinary Chronicles depend on the time of year and the availability of the storytellers and musicians.

Are you interested or have additional questions? Please contact us via the contact page.