In the garden

The old garden house also provides three rooms:

Each room has its own washbasin with hot and cold water and on each floor there is a common sanitary room with showers and toilets which are cleaned daily.

Each room is named after a historical person, event, item... valuable to the house or the association.

The automated reservation system works in an economical way and does not allow you to pick and choose a specific room, if you would have a specific preference please send us an email.

The MacFie room

Alison Macfie was one of the few nurses that crossed the threshold of Talbot House during the war. In 1922 she founded the ‘Toc H League of Women Helpers’, as a counterpart to the men’s movement.

The Battheu room

Jeanne Battheu grew up in Poperinge during the war. At Talbot House she attended St. Nicholas parties and concerts. Her entire life she kept on playing our piano for the visitors and served as an inspiration to us all.

The Leonard Browne room

Leonard Browne was a captain of the Royal Army Medical Corps during the war.

He was one of Tubby’s personal friends and often committed himself to the House and its keeper.