In the House

Talbot House offers seven historical bedrooms:

The Berat room, the Blanckaert room, the General's room, the Dunkirk room, the Pettifer room, the Baron room, the Trefusis room and the Vandewalle room.

Each room has its own washbasin with hot and cold water and on each floor there is a common sanitary room with showers and toilets which are cleaned daily.

Every room is named after a historical person, event, item, ... valuable to the house or the association.

The automated reservation system works in an economical way and does not allow you to pick and choose a specific room, if you would have a specific preference please send us an email.

The Berat room

This room is named after the first stewards when Talbot House re-opened in 1931. René & Alida Berat loved and runned the place with cheerfulness and devotion.

The Blanckaert room

The indefatigable Rolande Blanckaert is the one who organized the Belgian friends of Talbot House.

The Generals room

The bed in this room accommodated officers going on leave, and had two real sheets – sent to the wash alternately.

The Dunkirk room

In May, 1940, Old Talbot House stood ready to serve the B.E.F. on their road to Dunkirk.

The Pettifer room

Arthur Pettifer was ‘glued’ to Tubby in 1915, never again to be separated as his faithful batman.

The Baron Barclay room

Barclay Baron faithfully served Toc H with his great literary and artistic gifts. 

This room is used by our wardens.

The Trefusis room

Through his style and commitment as a ‘soldier of peace’ the Association’s President Jack Trefusis set an example to everyone at TH.

The Vandewalle room

The Caretaker Angèle Suffys and her husband Sylvain Vandewalle served the House with the utmost enthusiasm.