"In all my experience I have never known a place so vital to morale as Talbot House."

    General Sir Herbert Plumer - 1928


    "The dressing-room ambitiously was turned into the "General''s Bedroom", on account of a bed with one real sheet."

    Tubby - 1919


    "Through an elaborate, iron-grilled doorway I could hear the sound of laughter and music, and pushing through the door I found myself at once in a different World.

    N.N. September 1917


    "And beyond that again, at the far end of the garden, is the two-storey shed, whence was retrieved in 1915 the worn Carpenter's Bench which, from the opening day, has been the altar of Talbot House."

    Barclay Baron - 1935

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The Talbot House Guest House

Night at the Museum

Come into the Garden and forget about the war! The former soldiers' club stands ready to welcome you all home. 

“An oasis of serenity in a world gone mad”

Talbot House was founded in Poperinge in 1915. During World War I, this small city was used as a garrison town for the British soldiers and very soon it became a thriving metropole. Each day, thousands of soldiers passed through Poperinge when going to and returning from the front. Thanks to its casual and relaxed atmosphere the city became well known amongst the young men. Because of the numerous bars, restaurants, concert halls, brothels, movie theatres and shops, the exhausted soldiers often believed to have arrived in Paris.

It was in these circumstances that the 6th division of the British army rented the residence of the Coevoet family, which was rebuilt into a club house open to all soldiers by chaplain Philip "Tubby" Clayton. For many, this place became their home away from home. "An oasis of serenity in a world gone mad", is probably the best way to describe The Old House.

Wrap yourself in an authentic atmosphere

Just like thousands of soldiers and pilgrims before you,Talbot House welcomes you to stay the night. Through its authentic atmosphere and unique location near to the Poperinge market square, the Old House offers a unique historic overnight stay. 

Many other accommodations might well be situated near a historic site or provide a great view onto one, but staying at Talbot House means becoming part of its history. is there a better way to relive the past and touch history?