"In all my experience I have never known a place so vital to morale as Talbot House."

    General Sir Herbert Plumer - 1928


    "The dressing-room ambitiously was turned into the "General''s Bedroom", on account of a bed with one real sheet."

    Tubby - 1919


    "Through an elaborate, iron-grilled doorway I could hear the sound of laughter and music, and pushing through the door I found myself at once in a different World.

    N.N. September 1917


    "And beyond that again, at the far end of the garden, is the two-storey shed, whence was retrieved in 1915 the worn Carpenter's Bench which, from the opening day, has been the altar of Talbot House."

    Barclay Baron - 1935

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  • Talbot House

Talbot House is open!

Forget all your worries and enjoy the peace of the last remaining soldiers club of the Great War. 

The House

During the Great War, Poperinge was part of unoccupied Belgium. Away from the turmoil of battle in the Ypres Salient, the town became the nerve centre of the British sector. In the heart of this bustling town, the Army chaplains Neville Talbot and Philip "Tubby" Clayton opened a club. From December 1915 onwards, and for more than three years, the House provided rest and recreation to all soldiers coming in, regardless of their rank. Today, as real as then, the place offers a welcoming and friendly stop in Flanders fields.

A vibrant museum

Feel free to have a look around the House with our virtual 360° tour or try out the kid's cat quiz. A visit to Talbot House usually starts at the old hop store adjacent to the house, which was converted into a Concert Hall during the War. In 'A House of People', the new (2020) permanent exhibition, you are immersed into the history of the club over the last century. Through some 500 artefacts, each linked to personal accounts of Talbotousians, you relive the old days. On the the first floor of the Concert Hall, the 'Happy Hoppers' have quite a show waiting for you. 

The "Old House' is still very much lived in and used till this day. With one of Tubby's Story Tablets in hand, you will receive a personal story tour through this authentic club. As you make your way up the stairs to the Upper Room, you will reach the foundations of the club, our beautiful chapel.  A visit is an experience, tickle the old piano, have a chat with our (British) wardens or find peace with a cup of tea in our green garden. Maybe you even want to spend the night in one of the guest rooms? This is what makes Talbot House so unique. It's not just any museum. In fact it hasn't changed from the Every Man's Club it was a century ago.

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