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Practical tips

A school visit can always be tailored to age, nationality and group size. Be sure to ask our team for advice regarding educational story tours, bundles or workshops. How does a visit work: Download here

What can you expect?

A school visit to Talbot House guarantees an educational and immersive experience in an authentic location. A unique trip through the past in a breathtaking setting, where the stories of the soldiers from the Great War come to life.

Introduce your students to the rich history of the House through an introductory film or hear the story straight from one of our storytellers. Then send them on a journey of discovery through Talbot House, past the Concert Hall, the Slessorium and The Old House.

Finally, we give students the opportunity to experience Talbot House in their own way:

Breathe in the atmosphere of yesteryear and feel more British than ever with a nice cup of tea. Channel your inner Hockney and start sketching, boost your cricket game or play other garden games in our beautifully landscaped garden. Let your fingers glide over the piano keys in the Dining Hall and bring the past to life with your highly personal melody. Enjoy and make your school visit to Talbot House a unique experience.

Educational offer for primary education

On the go with Private Arthur

In addition to a visit to the House, the museum and the garden, Talbot House also offers an activity booklet for the 2nd and 3rd grade and a story tour tailored to primary school students. Join Arthur Pettifer, General of Talbot House and right-hand man of founder Tubby, on an informative and entertaining adventure through a house steeped in history. ‘On the go with Private Arthur’ is the perfect way to introduce children and young people aged 6 to 14 to the rich history of Talbot House.

Educational offer for secundary education

Talbot House provides educational packages tailored to secondary school students. Discover the colorful history of the House through fascinating story tours, immerse yourself in the atmosphere with 'A British Day' or test your knowledge about the House using our worksheets full of interesting facts.

Storytelling tours

Go out with your students, be surprised by the fascinating stories of our passionate storytellers and make your visit to Talbot House an unforgettable experience for everyone. We offer various story tours tailored to secondary schools, adapted to the age of the students.

A British Day

Looking for the ultimate educational experience in the historical heart of Flanders Field? Discover ‘A British Day’, an immersive Talbot House adventure for students in the second and third grade of secondary education. Talbot House offers tailored packages in which we introduce students to the richness of British culture and enhance their knowledge of the English language through interactive workshops.

A house full of knowledge

Discover our worksheets full of wonderful facts, useful teaching materials that secondary school students can use in an interactive way and learn about the history of Talbot House and British culture.

House rules

  • Backpacks are not allowed into the exhibition or Talbot House. These are best left on the bus.
  • We expect teachers to supervise their students at all times during their visit to Talbot House.
  • Are you planning to guide the group through Talbot House yourself? Due to the fragile condition of the House, the limited space and the other visitors, we ask:
    • Limit the number of people per guide inside Talbot House to 25 people;
    • For introductions for groups of more than 25 people, use the Concert Hall or garden;
    • Limit the number of people present in the chapel to 40 adults or 50 students. This is at the express request of the security services.
  • Download the visit overview here