Entrance fee for group visits

School group

Adult groups

Schoolgroup combi-ticket with IFFM 

Schoolgroup combi-ticket with MMP

Combi-ticket with MMP for mixed groups

€ 5,50 p.p. 

€ 7,00 p.p.

€ 9,00 p.p.

€ 8,50 p.p.

€ 12,00 p.p.

Group visit application form

To book a group visit at Talbot House please download THIS FORM and send a filled in copy to info@talbothouse.be. After approval, we will send you a confirmation.

Introduction & guided tours

Groups of 15 people and more:

All group visits are given a video introduction. In this 22 minute show, a British soldier and a Belgian girl from the Great War will take you back in time to Talbot House as they used to know it. You can watch a short teaser video here. After the introduction you are free to visit the House, the garden, the museum and our temporary exhibitions. If requested, it is possible to have cup of tea or coffee in the old canteen. Keep in mind that a visit with a break in the canteen takes approximately half an hour longer.

To get a real taste of what Talbot House was like during the War, you need to stop for a cup of tea in the old canteen. If you order tea with your visit, we will make sure to put the kettle on the AGA-cooker. If your group prefers coffee, with or without a biscuit, that is also possible.

If you would like a live guide to give an introduction, that is of course also possible. Keep in mind that there will be an added cost of € 50 per group, and the entire visit might take slightly longer. If you would prefer a live guide for an existing booking, please contact us at info@talbothouse.be.

After the introduction, individuals that are part of a group can also use Tubby’s Story Tablets for a tour around the House. The use of this digital guide is included in the entry price. Keep in mind that there is a limited supply of tablets. We can serve about 15 people every quarter of an hour (including individual visitors).

Groups up to 15 people:

For smaller groups up to 15 people we also offer an elaborate “Story Tour”. In this tour, a local guide will lead you through the different rooms of the Old House and explain the history on location. A break with tea or coffee and cake is included in this 2 hour tour. The price is € 150 surplus per group. For reservations please contact us at info@talbothouse.be.

Tea or coffee

is always included in the entrance fee. Coffee with homemade apple cake is € 2,50 p.p. and has to be ordered on beforehand.

Sandwich lunch

For our guests who wish to visit the Old House at noon we can offer a sandwich lunch. Bread rolls, bread, spreads and fresh soup are provided in a buffet with self service. A sandwich lunch is € 10,00 p.p. without soda and € 12,00 p.p. with soda and has to be ordered on beforehand.