Entrance fee for group visits

As tradition dictates, tea & coffee are always included in a visit.
Your contribution goes towards the independent charity of Talbot House.

School group                 (leerkrachten gratis)

Adult groups     (reductions can not be added on)

Schoolgroup combi-ticket with IFFM 

Schoolgroup combi-ticket with MMP

Combi-ticket with MMP for mixed groups

€ 5,50 p.p. 

€ 8,00 p.p.

€ 9,00 p.p.

€ 8,50 p.p.

€ 12,00 p.p.

Group visit application form

To book a group visit at Talbot House please fill out THIS FORM and email it to info@talbothouse.be. 

School & Group visits to Talbot House

Talbot House offers more than one would think at first. Please take a look at what there is to explore on our overview or take a look on the 360° tour. Ideally, you explore the House during one of our storytours. There's lots to tips and educational activities for schools to discover as well. 

Don't forget, a CUP OF TEA OR COFFEE is part of the experience! This is included in all tickets. Would you like some homemade cake? This is possible at € 2,50 per person.

Are you staying for lunch?

Do take a look at our delicious Westhoek picnic with 100% local produce. This is a great way to really experience Talbot House. A quick and budget snack are Jimmy's Buns with fresh soup. Schools are also welcome to bring their own picnic.