Tubby's Story Tablets

Classic tour: 'Welcome to Talbot House'

This general tour is perfect for everyone and gives new visitors the chance to get to know Talbot House in a modern, funny and very profound kind of way. Those who have already visited the house in the past will also be amazed by this new way of looking at things. Live the history more intense than ever before and get to know more facts about the house than any guide can tell you. We also offer a group version of this tour.

Number of persons (max.): 5
Time: 25 min.

Kids tour: 'Hide & Seek with Duchess!'

In this videotour children will have to help Arthur Pettifer find Duchess, the cat of Talbot House. While searching in the house and garden, they will get to know all about the history that still surrounds this place.

Number of persons (max.): One family

Time: 30 min.
Trailer: Watch the trailer here.

Special tour: '100 years of Talbot House'

In this tour we focus on the last 100 years at Talbot House using some unique material from our archives. This is the ideal tour for those who want a broader understanding of the history of the House or those who are visiting for a second time and are already aware of the World War I story that is explained in our Classic tour.

Number of persons (max.): 5
Time: 25 min.