How to become a Talbotousian Partner

These companies have a significant ongoing commitment in supporting Talbot House. A minimum donation of €1,000 is offered to the Talbot House Association annually and can optionally be linked to specific renovation or restoration projects. These projects will be suggested by the Talbot House Association and often need approval from heritage agencies as the Talbot House estate and its collection are listed.

In exchange we are happy to offer a range of promotional or practical benefits. These can be talked through and we are always open for suggestions. We are happy to suggest the below items.

Promotional benefits

  • Website: your logo & website link on & short quote
  • Social media posts: up to 4 posts per year on one or more of our social media channels with content links on our partnership. This happens in collaboration.
  • The story: the opportunity to use the story behind your donation and the linked restoration or similar in your own marketing story.
  • Corporate event: your own annual event for up to 25 guests. Includes tea & cake and a story tour of your choosing. Date & timing pending availability.

Practical benefits

  • Lifetime Membership (*): Oak Lifetime Membership for the CEO / General Manager with all benefits (invitations, free entry, newsletters, etc.) for life. The Newsletter can be forwarded to all employees on request. (*) This is offered when (annual) donations reach € 3,000 in total.
  • Use of the facilities: are you planning a teambuilding, a meeting or similar, please let us know if we can help to facilitate. Date & timing pending availability.

Terms and conditions

  • The Partnership can be renewed annually. We are happy to look at the benefits and renovation projects again at this time. The benefits remain unchanged for a minimum of one year after the last donation.
  • An invoice can be provided on request for your accounts.
  • If the annual contributions are terminated, the benefits stop one year after the final donation. The Oak Life Membership for the CEO of course remains valid.

Current Partnerships

Mercat Tours International

'Mercat Tours International cherishes our friendship with Talbot House. We both believe in the power of stories from the Great War to make connections and move minds, giving a new understanding and gratitude for our lives and world today. For over three decades every guest travelling on an MTI Battlefield Experience have begun their journey at the Pool of Peace, one of the Messines Craters. This impressive war relic was purchased on the initiative of TH Padre Tubby Clayton so that future generations would have a tangible reminder to tell the story, a message that resonates with MTI. Today it is a compelling scene of beauty and message of peace, from war. In the spirit of the Pals, of Peace and our shared belief that history needs ‘a damn good telling’ we’re delighted to make this annual pledge to Talbot House. Our donations will help preserve this remarkable house, its artefacts and stories for ‘every man’ who visits now and in perpetuity. The growth and impact of MTI & TH are now connected directly through this pledge. We share our stories and success together. Every MTI guide will reveal to every MTI Pal that they have a unique and personal connection to TH, forever.’ - Kat Brogan, Managing Director, MTI

Mercat Tours International

Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours

Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours shares the core values that were established when they opened their first travel agency all those years ago: to provide knowledge and value to Australian travellers, and the best holiday experience possible.

Mat McLachlan BattlefieldTours