Talbot House experience

Just as it was in the past, there is still plenty to do at Talbot House today. From a museum visit for your family, linked to a walking tour through Poperinge, to a British Day for schools, with or without a picnic. We offer formulas for individual visitors, families, groups and schools. Below you will find an overview of everything Talbot House has to offer.

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On Adventure with Private Arthur

A digital tour at Talbot House for families and children

Trek 'On an adventure with soldier Arthur', a digital story tour in which Arthur addresses the children directly and takes them on a tour through the House. Included as standard in an individual or family visit.

A House of People

Included in a standard visit to Talbot House

A permanent exhibition that takes you on a fascinating journey through the history of Talbot House. Explore the past using modern technology and discover gripping stories, surprising anecdotes and more than 500 authentic objects displayed in 30 showcases.

The garden

Included in a standard visit to Talbot House

Get together, relax, eat and enjoy in the green heart of the House. An idyllic location with a rich history and huge appeal: the beautifully landscaped Garden of Talbot House.

The Slessorium

Included in a standard visit to Talbot House

The former bathhouse in the garden of Talbot House that now serves as an exhibition space. A historic venue where visitors can discover temporary exhibitions and numerous stories related to the House's history.

The Old House

Included in a standard visit to Talbot House

Talbot House itself, the highlight of your visit. The place where it all began over a hundred years ago. Four floors full of stories, with historic rooms in their original state. A house brimming with history and authenticity. A museum that lives.

The Concerthall

Included in a standard visit to Talbot House

The space above the museum, which first served as a chapel, soon took on a new function as a relaxation area for soldiers where variety shows, musical performances, debates and film screenings were organized.

Tubby’s Dining Room

Included in a standard visit to Talbot House

A historic dining room at the top of the museum, furnished with authentic furniture and original objects. A place where you can learn all about the later life of Philip 'Tubby' Clayton, founder, inspirer and driving force behind Talbot House.

Tales by Tubby

A digital tour through the House

Go back in time with 'Tales by Tubby' and be transported through the history of Talbot House through entertaining videos full of catchy quotes and amazing stories.