For groups & schools

As a group leader, you are welcome to come and prepare your visit on location. To help you as good as we can, we’re always willing to give you information during your preparatory visit. We recommend you to first read up on the history of Talbot House on this website. If you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To encourage students to discover each theme for themselves, we developed a range of supportive materials. You can download these here.

The concert hall

Generally a group visit starts in the Concert Hall, where a video introduction about the past of Poperinge and Talbot House is shown. Guided tours and a tablet tour are also available. For an overview of the options please click here.

The museum

The permanent exposition gives you an idea of what daily life behind the front was like. Several themes like medical care, life in the soldiers’ camps and holding morality high are addressed by looking at first-hand testimonies (letters, diary fragments, memoirs, …).

The House

Having a look around in Talbot House itself is the central experience of your visit. Today, the House is decorated as authentic as possible. It almost feels as if Tubby could walk through the door at any time.

Temporary exhibitions

Throughout the year, serveral temporary exhibitions are organized at Talbot House. For our current programme please have a look at our calendar.