Talbot House experience

Just as it was in the past, there is still plenty to do at Talbot House today. From a museum visit for your family, linked to a walking tour through Poperinge, to a British Day for schools, with or without a picnic. We offer formulas for individual visitors, families, groups and schools. Below you will find an overview of everything Talbot House has to offer.

Soort beleving
Soort bezoek

Westhoek Picnic

Food & drinks

Spice up your visit to Talbot House with an irresistible Westhoek Picnic. Take a seat at a picnic bench or pick a spot in the grass and enjoy and basket full of delicious local produce in a historic setting.

Jimmy’s Lunch

Food & drinks

Enjoy a tasty lunch in group with fresh vegetable soup and exceptionally delicious sandwiches. A quick snack, served at the picnic tables in the Garden or in Talbot House's historic Dining Room.

Culinary Chronicles

Food & drinks

An unforgettable gastronomic adventure in the history heart of Talbot House. Take a seat in the authentic Dining Room of The Old House and enjoy one of the three stories we present to you over a delicious five-course dinner. An original culinary trip in a unique setting.

A Christmas Story in Talbot House

Story tour

A very British Christmas with a gourmet five-course dinner. Indulge in entertaining Christmas stories, expertly delivered by an inspired storyteller, and explore the hidden corners of the House together, in the tradition of Tubby's famous Dinner Parties.

Down-under in an upside-down House

Story tour

G'day, mate! In this very Aussie storytelling tour, you will learn about the unique connection between Talbot House and the thousands of Australian soldiers who frequented the Every Man's Club during the last century.

Allo Allo, Talbot House during WWII

Story Tour

Discover the turbulent history of Talbot House during World War II in this themed storytelling tour. Exciting, comical and tragic, but thrilling nonetheless.

A House of Knowledge

Teaching materials for secondary education

Put your students to work and let them discover the House and its rich history in an an interactive manner with our cool quizzes and worksheets full of wonderful facts.

A British Day

Educational Adventure

Join us on a remarkable educational adventure at the Every Man’s Club in Poperinge. Offer your pupils the ultimate Talbot Experience and explore Britishness at its finest in the heart of Flanders Fields.

Life behind the frontline

Story tour

Explore Poperinge's past on an engaging guided storytelling tour. Set off with one of our enthusiastic storytellers and discover the stories of a town that became the nerve centre of the British war machine during the First World War.

Explore the outdoors

Guided tour

Explore the outdoors together with our experienced storytellers or head out on your own and discover the Talbot House stories of the past in today's landscape. Explore Poperinge and the Westhoek in a unique way and discover what went on behind the frontline.